MC 1.9 Revamp Map Nov 2015

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MC 1.9 Revamp Map Nov 2015

Postby LigerXT5 » Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:50 pm

As some of you are well aware, we plan to do a full MC server reset when we can update to MC 1.9. The only things we are awaiting on are:
  • MC 1.9 public release.
  • Spigot updated to MC 1.9.

Back-end Preparations:
While I've been trying to prepare for the changes to come, I have been reworking our code used to start/restart/stop the server and have added more features, and more informative information as actions run, such as auto updates for MC/Spigot/Snapshot files. We used to use year4000 script, which was over 100 lines of code. I've added so much that the new script has reached over 700 lines. I have published a public version on the Spigot Resources and awaiting it's approval. Once approved, I'll share the link on the forum some time.

I have created mysql databases on our webserver. I plan to move our databases off our VPS to the webserver to help save up space. On top of that, Dynmap can save all of it's tiles and such to the database as well now. This would save us a ton of space in the long run. Though this may take more data, we have a 16TB, yes T B, as in Terebytes of a data transfer cap. We've only used a few GBs here and there. We'll see how much of a jump we'll have down the road. This will also help with allowing dynmap access if the VPS goes down, allowing some public chat access.

I'm still working on a list of plugins that will be running, along with some I'd like to try out. The ones I'd to try out are either nice or useful, but as I've learned in the past, many tend to go unused or unwanted by most of the community.

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